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Writing Your Spiritual Journey

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

With H-Carmel.

Hello lovelies, my name is Harriet-Carmel, I just want to say that I am super excited to be here and I am ready to help you to begin writing your spiritual journey, I don’t even know why, but I just feel as though I need to share the things that I have learnt and, and hopefully this will help you to begin writing your spiritual journey, the idea originally came to me when I was in work and trying to explain things to the young people I look after, but not actually being able to find the words, or speaking and everything coming out all muddled, then I guess starting a blog seemed to just come to me and once I thought about it I haven’t been able to stop, so here I am, I am living it and I’m writing it, and all I would like to do is share all the things I have learnt over the years, but in a more simplified way. I have constantly been captivated by everything and anything that is outside of the ‘norm’, I seem to get hooked on a subject and purge the information until I cannot get anything else from it, and I now feel like I am at a point where I physically cannot divulge any more information until I begin to share what I have already learnt, so a little selfishly as well, I am hoping that by sharing I will be able to open my mind and learn even more, so I can share even more. I am by no means an expert and of course I am still learning, but we all are, we never stop.

I’m so obsessed with anything spiritual, laws of the universe, the teachings throughout different cultures, magic, old religion, I love it all and think that it all has a special place in today’s world too. I’m hoping I can use the things that I know to try and make something for someone make sense and it is my hope that this blog will reach someone just like who I used to be who needs some direction and empowerment in life or maybe someone who is just starting to explore spirituality and needs help breaking a few things down. I have written in the order of the way that I feel is most important to learn, this wasn’t the way in which I learnt things, this way tells you things that I wish I knew when I first started that would have helped me to make sense of everything, along with things you can do, and action you can take to help you right now, by no means does this mean that this is the correct way, and if you feel called to divulge into something more deeply before something else, then by all means do so. Remember this is your spiritual journey and whatever you feel called to do will always be right for you.


A little about me:

Growing up I was such a loner, I used to flutter from crowd to crowd, never really belonging and never really ‘fitting in’. In primary school I was bullied for things beyond my control, secondary was a little better but I got into the wrong crowd, looking for what I now know to be belonging, I never had a secure attachment with either parent, I never knew what I wanted to do in life and I had an extremely traumatic experience in childhood and in my late teens (I’ll share more on this soon) that really shaped me to who I am today. I have lost people and I have had my fair share of toxic men in my life, I’ve felt like I’m good enough, I’ve not liked myself, I’ve not like the world and I certainly did not want to go on any longer… Fast forward to now, to this present day, I will not say everything is ‘perfect’, but while I am writing this I feel a sense of calm and everything seems kind of perfect, I finally feel like me again, I feel optimistic and full of life, I have taken control of my life and it feels so good! I feel as though I have been ‘saved’ in some sense, but it was myself who saved me, it feels so good, I cannot explain it but now all I know I want to do is share so that you can feel this too. I want you to be able to find you again, to look deeply within, to heal yourselves from the inside out, to truly thrive, and one of the beliefs that I have is the only way you can truly heal, is by looking within, yes you can have all sorts of things done to help the healing process, such as energetic rituals and things like that, which are of course are amazing in their own right, but I think the only way to truly heal is to understand that you do the work for YOU, and once you do, and you are able to see the world, and our universe more clearly and for the truly magnificent and magical place it is, there really is no other feeling like it.

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