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The Law of Attraction in Action

The universe we live in is truly a magnificent thing, it is always there and operating in the same way, all we need to do is to tune into our divine power and release the resistance we have built up over the years, to be able to see magnificent results. The fact that we are always attracting things to ourselves whether we realise it or not, it really goes without saying that it would be a good idea for us to understand how the attraction process works.

You may have heard before of the universal Law of Attraction, which put simply, is a law that states like attracts like, although this is true, I have come to learn that there is a little bit more to it than that, and I believe this is where some people get stuck and think that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work or is not real. Yes, we attract what we think about, but more importantly we attract how we feel about what we are thinking about, so when we are working intentionally with the Law of Attraction, we must also be an energetic match to our desires for them to show up in the physical.

I have come to understand that there is a 5-step process to manifesting with the Law of Attraction; Ask, Match the energy, Take inspired action, Believe, and then Receive. First, we ask the universe for what it is we would like, then we do something to take action towards this desire, then we match the energy of that desire. A way in which you can do this is to imagine how you would feel if you already had the thing, what would you be thinking/doing? And then begin in some way to implement this into your life now, then we must believe, this is the hardest part in my opinion as we must let go of the how and when and any resistant thoughts around your desire and put our trust fully in the universe and its ability to bring us what we want.

The universe is co-operative and wants to give us all the things we desire, so once you decide that you want something, things start to move around in the non-physical, and the thing is essentially already yours, but then those feelings of doubt start to creep in, these feelings of doubt are what stop our desires from manifesting into the physical and we essentially block our own blessings because the universe doesn’t differentiate between the positive and negative, it will literally give you whatever you ask for as long as you match the energy. Take some time right now to think about some of the things, people, and situations you have attracted to yourself, can you think of an unwanted situation and really get down to the way this was manifested to you? Maybe journal it out until you get to the bones of it.

The way you are feeling when you are trying to attract literally paves the way for it to come into your life, and once you have decided what you want and then began to do the work to match it energetically, the universe will start to show up with things to help you attract this, and this is really important, once these things do show up, you have to take the steps, you have to take action! that is another law of the universe ‘The Law of Inspired Action’, (there is another post on the 12 spiritual laws of the universe with a little overview of each) but it is basically about taking those real actionable steps to invite what we want into our lives, it is that gentle internal nudge that you feel inside, it is that random thought that you had that seemed to come from nowhere, it just feels like you need to be doing something, this is your inner guide talking to you, take the steps and watch the magic happen.

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