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The 12 Laws of the Universe

Updated: Dec 4, 2021


There are 12 laws of the universe that I have learnt about over the years, and for the purpose of getting us into the right headspace of where we need to be to begin our spiritual healing/journeys, I’m going to give you a brief overview of each of them, if you have never heard of a universal law, or you have, but really cannot grasp the idea feel free to send me a message and I can go over them in more detail with you, but honestly, you need not feel overwhelmed with these, most of them do come naturally and if they don’t, or you still don’t understand them, keeping them in the back of your mind will attract to you situations to show you how to use them, remember the universe always brings us what we want/need in divine timing, the laws as I have come to understand them are:

Law of Divine oneness, Law of Vibration,

Law of Correspondence, The Law of Attraction, Law of inspired action, Law of Perpetual Transmutation of energy, Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Compensation, Law of Relativity, Law of Polarity, Law of Rhythm, and the Law of Gender.


The Law of Divine Oneness – This law highlights the interconnectedness of all things, it basically means that beyond what we can see, every thought, action, feeling and circumstance, is connected to everything and everyone throughout the universe, did you know that you have an aura that literally penetrates around 5 feet around you, and when you are walking around or doing anything with other people our aura’s are all constantly touching, this is how we absorb other people’s energy.

The Law of Vibration – The law of vibration basically means that at a microscopic level everything is constantly vibrating and in motion, things vibrate at different frequencies, this law says that our personal vibration will inform our life experience in the 3D world.

Law of Correspondence – This law states that patterns repeat throughout the universe, and for us personally it means that our reality is a mirror of what is happening inside of us, basically, when we feel good, good things happen in our lives, when we feel bad, we attract unwanted things into our lives. Speaking about attraction, the next one is one of the most popular laws of the universe and 1 of my personal favourites, it really gives you a sense of taking control of your own life I just loveeeee it.

The Law of Attraction – The law of attraction, in simple terms, means that like attracts like, you attract what you are, think and feel, it is the way in which we attract people, things, and circumstances into our lives, it doesn’t matter what it is, if it has entered your life, you have attracted it in some way, you could probably even sit right now, think of a situation that has happened and think of the way you were thinking and feeling before this particular thing happened, can you see how you may have brought it into your experience? The Law of Attraction is forever happening, we cannot turn it on or off, it is just simply there, part of the universe, it is, just Law.

Law of inspired action – This law is all about taking small and inspired action towards our goals or what we want to universe to bring us, when we go about manifesting something using the law of attraction, we must also take action, when we look to manifest, the universe will immediately start to bring us people, things and ways to do this, it is what you do once these things show up that really matter, if you tell the universe that you want to manifest £20,000 and then you have an idea, or a feeling, or an opportunity comes your way, this is usually the universe working to get you what you want, if you sit around and do not take any action and allow these things to pass you by, then the universe isn’t going to think this thing is important to you, or that you really want it and stop sending things your way that would of helped you to achieve it.

Law of Perpetual Transmutation of energy – This law basically means that on an energetic level everything in the universe is constantly changing or evolving, every action is first thought of, and every thought has the power to manifest itself into the physical. The way that you can think of this in your day-to-day life is like have you ever been around a bunch of happy people and you kind of feel your own energetic levels rising, or if you are having a discussion with someone about something that makes you excited and then you notice that they start to become excited. This is the Law of perpetual energy in action.

Law of Cause and Effect – This law directly links actions and events, it tells us that when we take action and we may not to be able to see the results right away, but they will come back around, they always do, it is law.

Law of Compensation – This law basically means that you reap what you sow, much like Karma, your efforts will always come back to you whether they be negative or positive.

Law of Relativity – This law is basically showing us how we are inclined to compare everything in our world, but in reality, everything is neutral, it exists in all things. An example of this is when we compare ourselves to others, and how they are living in relation to ours, this could be detrimental to our manifestations, as when you are in a place of comparing what others have and you do not you are vibrating at a level of lack and not having the thing you desire.

Law of Polarity – This law states that everything in life has an opposite, good and evil, love and fear, warmth and cold, you can use this right away, think of a situation you do not like and then begin to visualise what the opposite looks like, this will reveal a new perspective or lesson.

Law of Rhythm – Cycles are a natural part of life and the universe, when we think about this we can think about the seasons on earth, everything is ever moving and ever changing. Personally we can see that we think of ourselves as being one way all the time, whether that’s our health, happiness or productivity, but things can not be the same all the time, it isn’t sustainable, we can also think of this in the eyes of astrology, the planets go through the houses in our birth chart which trigger different aspects of our lives to come to the forefront (I will go into more detail about astrology later), it is just the way it is, it is LAW.

Law of Gender – This law has nothing to do with male and female physical humans but more about the masculine and feminine energy that exists within all things, masculine energy represents the ‘doing’ and feminine represents the ‘receiving’ much of society has always operated from a masculine, ‘hustle and do’ mentality, which I feel has began to shift and people are learning now to just let go and be. This actually makes me think of a belief that we have had instilled in us by society, this be super busy and you will be successful mentality, it was introduced purposely in order to make us feel that becoming rich and wealthy was unreachable unless we were half dead by the time we get there, this isn’t the case at all, the universe doesn’t care about how hard you work, it cares about how you feel, if you are working hard and making loads of money but you feel tired and run down all the time, chances are you are going to hit a place where making that amount of money is no longer sustainable, but if you are working say 3/4 hours a day putting out quality content that makes you feel rich inside, you are going to attract to yourself exactly how you feel.


Now like I said at the beginning, do not think you have to master all of these laws right away, maybe pick a couple you would like to learn some more about and dive in a little deeper to see how you could incorporate them into your own life, but mostly you will start to become aware of these laws working around you constantly, sometimes realising how much of your life is actually in your own hands can be quite scary and daunting, I know when I first started out I would get so upset over things I had attracted to myself, like I’m talking full blown depression lol, when you start this spiritual/healing work things are going to come up, things you forgot that you forgot and it can get a little uncomfortable at times, but there is a saying I love for this by Kristin Lohr ‘Growth is uncomfortable because you have never been here before- you’ve never been this version of you'. So, give yourself a little grace and breathe through it’ think of something you have done before that you found uncomfortable and how once you done it once, it started to get easier and easier. That is how we grow as people and as humans, we do things that make us uncomfortable which contribute to our expansion.

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